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If you would like to hire Dan Jones to give talks about: working with those on the autistic spectrum, what it is like to be an individual on the autistic spectrum, what neuro-typical people can learn from those on the autistic spectrum, increasing confidence through learning hypnosis, how to do hypnosis, meditation for health and wellbeing, parenting techniques that work, or other areas, please email the contact details above.

Dan Jones is also available happy to consider book proposal, article or guest blogpost ideas you may want him to write, or collaborative projects you may want to work with him on or products you may want to develop with him. If you have ideas or projects you would like Dan involved in, or TV or radio work please email the contact details above.

Dan Jones has Asperger's Syndrome (a high-functioning form of autism) you can learn more on his dedicated autism website where he also has a media page including articles written and more details than here.

Dan is also an expert on hypnosis and 'the UK's leading personal development coach'* with over 20 years experience, he is a best-selling author** having sold almost 100,000 books. Dan Jones self-hypnosis mp3's have been downloaded over 500,000 times and his videos have had over 2.5 million video views on YouTube and over 12,000 subscribers.
Dan Jones is available for radio, TV and other media interviews and work. His main focus is hypnosis and autism spectrum disorder, but he also has extensive knowledge around parenting skills.
Dan is also available to hire for speaking and hypnosis demonstration engagements and for training workshops and seminars if you would like him to run a hypnosis class or workshop for your training organisation. He can also be hired to run his accredited Hypnotherapy Diploma for your organisation.

Also include at the bottom of the page are prior press releases.

Hypnosis Bio:
Hypnosis is Dan Jones main passion, his mission is to demystify and advance the field of hypnosis and help hypnosis go mainstream and gain the acceptance it deserves.
Dan Jones set up the Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre in 2002 offering one to one hypnotherapy. By 2004 he was offering training in traditional hypnosis and indirect 'covert' conversational hypnosis based primarily on the works of Milton H Erickson MD. By 2007 Dan was offering unique training and personal development courses and a diploma course, quickly these spread internationally and were also being held on-line as live interactive webinars.  Dan was also offering Hypnotherapy via his Playstation 3 on Playstation Home using an avatar (virtual version of himself) and had been offering telephone therapy, but as internet speeds and connections increased he started to offer on-line hypnotic therapy via email, audio and video calls. As technology progressed, Dan also progressed, he created PsyEnTech (Psychological Enhancement Technologies) where he offered streaming webinars before the term had really become known or popular, he has created hundreds of hours of self-help products, written over a dozen books and made hundreds of hours of videos for self-help and training. Dan Jones is one of the foremost experts on the works of Milton H Erickson MD outside of the US with an extensive library of Erickson's works, his students works, and therapeutic approaches based on aspects of Erickson's work.
Dan Jones has written a number of books on Hypnotherapy including 'Hypnotherapy' covering all someone needs to know about hypnotherapy from what hypnosis is to how to do hypnosis and how to set up in private practice, 'Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts' teaching Ericksonian hypnotic techniques and giving over 100 scripts covering a range of problems hypnotherapists are presented with, and contributed a chapter to the third edition of Professor Ursula James book 'Clinical Hypnosis Textbook'
Dan Jones has also created two Hypnotherapy tools 'Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Training Tool' which is essentially a client profile generator so that students can practice how they would treat a range of random clients, and 'Hypnotherapy Script Creator' which is a tool that allows a hypnotherapist to tick from a selection of options what comments best match their client and they then get a hypnotherapy script and treatment plan created tailored to the options they selected.
Dan Jones has been interviewed a number of times about hypnosis including by Antonio Perez for HawaiiHypnosis.org and Adam Eason for Hypnosis-Weekly.com 

Family Support Bio:
Dan Jones has worked therapeutically with a wide range of client groups since 1997. Between 1997 and 2000 he worked with adults with mental health problems (schizophrenia, manic depression, OCD, etc) within a residential setting. He worked with young children and teenagers (including children and teens diagnosed with conditions like ADHD and Autism) in residential children's homes between 2000 and 2005 including helping to set up a therapeutic children's home, and since 2007 he has worked extensively with parents and families including looking at the efficacy of using a Human Givens Approach to supporting parents to reduce their teens youth offending and anti-social behaviour. He has worked closely with and trained Social Workers, Troubled Families Workers, Family Link Workers, Family Intervention Project Workers, Parenting Support Workers, Family Resource Team Workers and Children's Homes Staff. Dan Jones regularly teaches a programme about teen to parent violence which is an un-talked about common issue, and has trained staff in a variety of setting about managing challenging behaviour and conflict, breakaway techniques and stress management as well as holding classes for parents and families around parenting techniques and family relationships.
Dan Jones has worked with the Youth Offending Service offering parenting support, Family Intervention Project offering support to families and managing a team of family support staff, and with a Troubled Families Team offering support to families and managing a team of family support staff.
Dan Jones has written two books on family support 'Human Givens Approach to Working with Parents of Challenging Teens' which is aimed at professionals working with parents and families, and 'Parenting Techniques That Work' which is a short direct book getting to the point about what is most likely to work when parenting children and teenagers with challenging behaviour, ADHD and Asperger's. The book covered strategies for getting children to fall asleep at night, boundary setting, managing anger, and a number of other key issues.
Dan Jones also has Asperger's Syndrome which gives him a unique perspective on social communication and his work with families. He has written a number one best-selling book*** about his personal and professional experiences & knowledge as someone with Asperger's called 'Look Into My Eyes'.
Dan Jones has been interviewed a number of times for audio interviews and interviews for websites, magazines and journals including 'The Human Givens Journal' and guest blogs for Uncommon Knowledge -Paradoxical Parenting Skills, Emotional Needs All Parents Need To Know About, Keeping Therapy On Track With Parents & Families and an article for University College Northampton about The Importance of Fulfilling Staff Needs In Children's Homes , and here is an interview with Mark Tyrrell from Uncommon Knowledge about Dan's experiences with Asperger's (high-functioning autism)

Big Brother (TV Programme) Bio:
In 2007 Dan Jones wrote the book 'The Psychology of Big Brother'. This book was, at the time, the only book on the Big Brother TV Show that explored some of the psychology of what goes on in the house. The book looked at how to read Big Brother house mates body language and non-verbal signal from the minute they entered the house to start deducing facts that were unspoken by the Big Brother house mates themselves. It also explained how to work out what things were playing on Big Brother house mates minds that they were keeping to themselves. Prior to 2007 Dan Jones was regularly interacting in Big Brother forums, and it was from these interactions and often making predictions in the forums that would turn out to be accurate and then being asked to explain how he managed to make these predictions that someone eventually suggested that he should write a book sharing his knowledge of 'reading' people.
Dan Jones has been interviewed by local and national UK press (including The Express) about Big Brother, contacted on a few occasions by Big Brother Show researchers and interviewed by a few magazines from other countries to comment on their Big Brother TV Shows from the US to Israel. Dan Jones has also been interviewed on BBC radio about Big Brother by Dara O'Brien and has been interviewed by Big Brother bloggers including Chris Gray's Big Brother Website (this is a link to the audio interview, the site is no longer live).

Press Releases:

*At Home Magazine
**'Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts' book (paperback and Kindle versions) has been Amazon.co.uk number one best-seller in the categories of Hypnosis and of Hypnotherapy on many occasions. Two screen captures provided in the media kit. 
***'Look Into My Eyes' has been number one best-seller in biographies categories. Screen captures provided in the media kit.

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  • Quit Smoking in 7 Days book cover image
  • Parenting Techniques That Work book cover image
  • Sleepy Bedtime Tales book cover image
  • Look Into My Eyes book cover image
  • Screen Capture Images of 'Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts' book number one Amazon best-seller in 'Hypnotherapy'
  • Screen Capture Images of 'Look Into My Eyes' book number one Amazon best-seller in 'Developmental Psychology', 'Living With Disabilities Biographies', and 'Psychology Biographies'