Dan Jones Hypnosis

Autistic Hypnotic YouTuber, Author and Speaker

Live Monthly Hypnotherapy Teaching Seminars - Now At Birkbeck University, London

As you probably know I rarely teach live training courses now since I moved most of my training online and now work mainly as a YouTuber.

Every month I will now be running hypnotherapy group (1pm - 4.30pm) at Birkbeck University, London. Normally it costs £149 to attend one of my training days, or £75 for a half day training, but attendees can have access to train with me for just £20 (minimal cost to cover expenses). There are limited spaces on each day.

Each group will be video recorded (me and anyone who volunteers for demonstrations, not the audience - other than voices of anyone asking questions). These videos may be used as part of my eCourses that I teach, and some clips may be put on YouTube to freely educate others about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

The training is informal and educational, similar to Milton Erickson's Teaching Seminars which used to take place at his home. I will have some ideas about what I would like to teach people, but will follow the lead of those in the audience and what questions you ask. These sessions are like a mix between Hypnotherapy Masterclasses and Clinical Supervisions, attendees can raise areas they would like to work on, it could be perhaps an area they would like to learn more about, or it could be that they are stuck with a certain type of client (like a client with depression) and would like to explore the case and what they could do to help more that client on.

Topics covered could include: 

  • Rapid inductions, 
  • Covert, indirect, Ericksonian hypnosis
  • Hypnosis or therapy techniques
  • How to treat specific issues
  • Other skills, for example the use of metaphors, or observation skills
  • Healing techniques, etc...

How I would like the sessions to go would be that we discuss a topic, and someone from the audience perhaps volunteers as a demonstration subject, this could be to address an issue - like quitting smoking, weight loss, anxiety, etc., or just for me to demonstrate something. Following the demonstration we discuss what you observed and help you to learn from what you saw, and if necessary also give you the chance to practice things to further develop your skills and knowledge. The main focus though will be on learning from observing and analysing what I am doing, so these sessions are most helpful for those who already have some knowledge that they want to develop.

This is an ideal training opportunity for those who want to attend monthly hypnotherapy masterclass group - perhaps you are a hypnotherapist already, or you are training to be a hypnotherapist, or NLP practitioner etc., or you have taken online training, or distance learning training and want to put your training into practice, or you have some knowledge of hypnosis and want to develop that knowledge further, or you need to get extra hours worth of classroom tuition for CPD or to be able to become a full member of a specific hypnotherapy organisation.

You can learn more and book to attend by visiting the meetup page here: https://www.meetup.com/Ericksonian-Hypnotherapy-Monthly-Masterclass