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Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts - Paperback RRP £14.99/$23.00 Kindle RRP £7.99/$9.99

The first edition of 'Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts' has remained a bestseller since its release in 2011 (See the video below to hear Dan Jones reading a sample hypnosis session put together from scripts from this book). It remains essential reading on many top hypnotherapy and NLP training courses as well as recommended reading for all those interested in self-hypnosis and creating their own hypnosis audio tracks (these hypnosis scripts can be used to make commercial audio tracks as long as credit is given to the author and the book). This new and expanded 2nd edition of 'Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts' contains additional hypnotic inductions and additional therapeutic scripts. Many chapters have also been expanded with new helpful content to help you be as effective as possible and to help you to understand the scripts, the hypnotic language and techniques being used, and an overview of how to do hypnotherapy. (With the Kindle version of this book you may be unable to copy scripts straight from the text to form larger scripts, you may need to note the pages the relevant scripts are on, or copy them by hand, either writing them out, or typing them. 'Screen grabbing' may work for some devices). This book of more than 100 Hypnotherapy scripts is based on over 20 years of experience that the author, one of the UK's leading hypnotherapists and hypnotherapy trainers, has had working with a wide range of clients and training other professionals in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and the healing arts. There are scripts to help people stop smoking, lose weight, lift depression, calm anxiety, sooth pain, increase performance enhancement, tackle insomnia, and many more... This isn't just another hypnosis scripts book, the author hopes that readers will use these scripts as a starting point, rather than just reciting scripts verbatim. This book shares ideas and suggestions on how to run hypnotherapy sessions from gathering information to carrying out the hypnotic work, ending a session and setting tasks. It also introduces Ericksonian hypnotic language patterns and script structure so that the reader can have a deeper understanding of what is being done in the scripts and why they are written the way they are. This all round package makes this book a valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn more about Ericksonian hypnosis. Hypnotherapists in training can also read and analyse the hypnotherapy scripts and study the language, structure and multi-level communication used to further their skill and knowledge. The ultimate goal is to help hypnotherapists move beyond scripts to regularly performing script-free hypnotherapy sessions that occur in response to the client in front of the therapist. This hypnotherapy scripts book can help the hypnotherapist develop ideas from the scripts that can come out spontaneously once mastered.

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