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Human Givens Approach to Working With Parents of Challenging Teens - Paperback RRP £14.99/$22.99 Kindle RRP £7.99/$9.99

This book was previously released as ‘Using a Humanistic Solution Focused Approach with Parents and Families to Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour and Youth Offending’. This edition is updated and has an additional chapter of case studies. I have been using a Human Givens Approach with parents and families for around eight years now, and over that time among other things I have used the Human Givens Approach to help to reduce youth criminal offending and antisocial behaviour (outcomes data on a cohort of over 300 families included in this book to show the efficacy of the Human Givens Approach when used with parents of challenging teens), helped to get parents back into work, and youth back into school. 

The aim of this book is to add to your toolbox of strategies, skills and techniques that you already use with parents and families. This book is written for professionals working within a social work setting that would like to integrate a Human Givens Approach into their practice. So worker may work within Family Link Work Services, Family Resource Services, Children’s Social Services, or a wide variety of other keyworker services where your role is to support parents of challenging teens.

"I learnt about the Human Givens Approach in 2001, and was taught the approach in 2003 as a central part of the psychotherapy diploma course I was studying at the time. Since 2007 I have worked with parents and families offering one to one support and group support. The families I have been working with have all had a child or young person ‘at risk of criminal offending’ or have had a child or young person in the family that has already committed a criminal offence. As part of my role I have held training with various teams; like the Family Resource Team, Family Link Worker Team and the Youth Offending Service on using a Solution Focused Approach with parents and families. I have also given talks to teachers within schools and to trainee Senior Social Workers on using a Solution Focused Approach with parents and families and how success is measured so that the work I do is evidence-based. I have worked within the Youth Offending Service offering support to parents of young offenders, and to parents of those ‘at risk’ of becoming young offenders, so young people committing anti-social behaviour, or having poor school attendance, or anger problems (where I gather data on the effectiveness of using the Human Givens Approach with parents of young offenders and of those at risk of becoming young offenders). I have also worked within a Family Intervention Project and with the Governments ‘Troubled Families’ programme using this approach to offer support to families to help reduce youth offending and anti-social behaviour, help get parents back to work and children back into school, and to improve emotional wellbeing and community involvement of the families I have worked with. Prior to working with parents and families I worked in residential children’s homes from 2000 and helped to set up a ‘Therapeutic Communities’ children’s home in 2004. Prior to this I worked with adults with mental health issues, like schizophrenia, manic depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder from 1997."

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