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Introduction To Solution Focused Therapy

Key Benefits:

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  • Over 4 Hours Of Content
  • Preview The First Few Lectures & Introduction 
  • Learn How To Use A Solution Focused Approach, & What The Benefits Are Of Integrating This Approach Into The Work You Do

This course on an 'Introduction To Solution Focused Therapy' is taught over a number of video lectures. There is also a solution focused therapy demonstration and annotated transcript of the session.  

The course explores and includes:

  • The solution focused approach
  • Why the approach is useful
  • Many of the main solution focused techniques
  • Examples of solution focused sentences
  • Recommended reading list
  • Structuring Solution Focused Sessions
  • An article outlining the effectiveness of using a solution focused approach
  • PDF of a PowerPoint of the course content
  • Solution Focused Therapy Session Audio Demonstration
  • Annotated Transcript of the Solution Focused Therapy Session Demonstration (Explaining what the therapist is doing, what techniques are being used, and why the therapist is doing what they are doing)

The course is made up of video lectures, audio tracks, PDF documents and additional text. The course can be completed in about three hours, but if you read through everything, listen to the demonstration and do additional study and recapping it can take longer.

The course is structured to take you on a journey from how the solution focused approach developed, then giving you an overview and starting from the bigger picture, before narrowing in on why it is useful to use a solution focused approach and the key benefits of using a solution focused approach, and then into solution focused techniques like looking for exceptions to the problem, establishing what people really want and where the client is in relation to what they want to achieve/how close are they to the goal already and what are they already doing towards that goal.

You will learn how to evidence your work, by gathering information on how successful you are, which is invaluable in the current climate of expectation that everyone works in an evidence-based way. And you will learn how to use language and questions to identify client resources, strengths and goals, and help to move clients forwards.

The course is ideal for those that are new to the solution focused approach, as well as those experienced in therapy, NLP or life coaching and related fields that are looking for something to compliment and enhance their skills.

Dan Jones, the course tutor, has had over twenty years of experience with solution focused working and has used the approach in a variety of settings from business leadership, to residential care homes, parent and family work, working with teenagers and children and a wide range of clients with problems ranging from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and confidence issues, to insomnia, addictions and anger problems. He has written a number of books on the topic and had his research on using a solution focused approach to reduce youth crime published in the peer reviewed journal 'Human Givens'.