Dan Jones Hypnosis

Autistic Hypnotic YouTuber, Author and Speaker

Dan Jones Self Hypnosis Helping You Sleep & Dream

Download the full 38 minute version of this track 'Self Hypnosis To Help You Sleep & Dream' as an mp3 for free.

This video is to help you to fall asleep and enjoy the theatre of the mind. Some dreams may happen but be forgotten, whilst other dreams may be remembered vividly and as you use this track frequently you can develop the ability to begin to be aware in your dreams 'as if' you are living out those dreams. 

Your unconscious will always prioritise what is most important to you. So if you need the sleep then your unconscious is likely to use this process to help you get that sleep. If there are no other priorities then your unconscious will allow you to develop and enhance your lucid dreaming skills. 

Some people 'lucid dream' and recall it when they wake up, others 'lucid dream' and are very aware that they are lucid dreaming rather than just aware that they were lucid dreaming.

This track takes you through all the stages of sleep which is why it is useful as a track to help you fall asleep correctly...

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