Dan Jones Hypnosis

Autistic Hypnotic YouTuber, Author and Speaker

Self Hypnosis For Performance Anxiety For Musicians

This  Self Help Session by Trance-Formation Coach Dan Jones helps Musicians to overcome performance anxiety or stage fright. This is a very detailed full Hypnotherapy sessions. This audio track has helped professional musicians Worldwide. 

Here are a couple of comments from people that have used this self help session:

just wanted to tell you about a concert I gave last night. I thought you might like to know how amazingly well it went.


"The minute I walked on stage, I found myself focusing on the piano there, feeling calmer than I have in ages, really wanting to play, and getting excited about performing again. For me that's really something - and it's made me feel emotional all morning. I thought that all the joy and love and excitement I'd felt for performance was just about gone and with it, my future and career, but I see now that's so not the case."

"There were times when it was just me and the piano and my hands moving over the keys with such ease; and being intensely concentrated and in the moment; and just getting out of my own way and letting it happen instinctively - that was magical."

"The conductor was delighted with how I played. He said it was 'exceptional' and 'outstanding'"

(Just from using this track once) "Before every other major concert I used to vomit throughout the entire day, and I couldn't bear the sight/smell of food. Yesterday I only vomited twice and while that's not ideal, it's a huge improvement for me. My teacher wanted to know if I'd started taking beta blockers because I was much calmer and less nervous than usual."

"The concert was amazing and I'm still a bit euphoric and exhausted and fairly emotional about how positive it all was. Thanks so very much for your help and for the gentle and easy process of hypnosis you shared and which I just loved. I'm in awe of the skill you have, that's been able to bring about this change."

"First of all I want to thank you for your help, that gave me the confidence I needed so much. The track worked perfectly fine, and I could feel that when I was on stage. To say short, you are a real maestro in controlling mind."

I look forward to hearing how you got on with this track, and I look forward to seeing any performances that you have given following using this track, please link to the performances in the comments box. If you know someone that is struggling with performance anxiety as a musician that perhaps feels sick before going out on stage, or perhaps uses drugs or alcohol or anger or something else as a coping mechanism for managing their anxiety before or during or after performances then feel free to share this post with them.