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Full Hypnotherapy Session Demonstration To Help Someone Improve Their Artistic Skills

This is a full one hour session where I was experimenting with the idea of enhancing skills using hypnosis, similar to how Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) can be used to improve skills short term, the results here are as good as the TMS results that were obtained over the same time period except these results have lasted and improved over the last 10 years since this session took place. 

I used the same test of drawing a horse before and after like in the TMS experiments, and you can notice the difference in drawing style, difference in attitude towards drawing and totally different behaviours when drawing the horse after experiencing hypnosis compared to before experiencing hypnosis.

With TMS the idea is that if you quieten down one part of the brain then other parts of the brain can be more dominant and people can improve skills that have remained hidden or untapped. Unfortunately once the magnets are off the effects begin to wear off and people go back to the abilities they used to have. With hypnosis that doesn't seem to be the case, people seem to be able to develop and enhance skills and abilities and keep these (for at least 10 years so far without any further sessions).

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