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Governmental Mind Control - Nudging, Priming, & Reality Blindness

Learn how the government is using Nudging, Priming and Reality Blindness to manipulate society. Dan Jones talks about David Cameron's Nudge Unit (The Behavioural Insight Team) and what they do.

The UK and US government's say they use these techniques for the best interests of the public, and most of what they do I would agree is for the benefit of the public. My view is that the public should still be aware of what the government are doing so that they can make choices and notice when their choices are being manipulated. These techniques can help to reduce obesity, can help to increase organ donation, and can help to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, and although the techniques are being used for 'our' benefit, the question is who decides what is best for us and what it is that 'we want'? It is because of this question that I made the video, to expose the manipulation used by the government so that people can recognise it and then make their own choice.

Nudging you decisions, priming your responses, and playing on your reality blindness...

These techniques mentioned aren't just used by governments, they are also used by many leading training companies and other large companies, and on a smaller scale there are many people aware of these techniques who also use them on others.

This is an edited higher quality version of this video. There is a longer version which uses these techniques discussed on the viewer as a demonstration.

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