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Most self-hypnosis, guided imagery and meditation downloads by Dan Jones can now be found at www.themindchangers.co.uk. The Mind Changers is a new partnership between leading neuro-scientist and father of neuro-marketing Dr David Lewis, and Dan Jones. Many of David and Dan's products are now available on their new website.


Minecraft Meditations are meditations set within the world of Minecraft. The Minecraft Meditations album consists of eight MP3's which you can listen to on your iPod or Mp3 player, or copy them to CD's to listen to the Minecraft Meditations on CD.

The Minecraft Meditations are:

  • Snow Sunset
  • Snowy Evening
  • Raining Woodland
  • Volcano Island
  • Lost Pyramid
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Stream of Consciousness
  • Drift Off To Sleep